Precision EDM and Production CNC Machining Companies

The "CNC" in production CNC machining stands for "Computer Numerical Control," and refers to the controller that drives a machine tool by reading G-Code (a programming language used primarily in tools for production CNC machining). With the advent of production CNC machining companies in the 1950's, mass production of more complicated items became simpler. With the computer controlling the machine's movements in production CNC machining, complex cuts became as easy to achieve as straight edges, meaning less error and faster production time for CNC machining companies.

What the production CNC machine did to revolutionize the manipulation of most materials, precision EDM (Electronic Discharge Machining) did for hard metals that are electronically conducive. Precision EDM is the process of making intricate or odd shaped cuts in tough metals like titanium, steel, carbide, kovar, and others that are difficult to manipulate.

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