Hot Runner Mold Systems

Hot runner systems are incorporated within the injection mold itself and are an improvement upon standard injection molding equipment for certain types of production. With a hot runner mold systems, heated channels are integrated into the hot runner systems design. These channels distribute the molten plastic evenly throughout the hot runner mold. A wide variety of products are made with hot runner mold systems, especially large parts such as car bumpers, and automobile doors.

Advantages of hot runner mold systems

Hot runner systems typically produce less waste and have a shorter production time than non hot runner systems. Because they are more complex, hot runner mold systems are often more costly to purchase. However, this doesn't necessarily mean higher priced products. For some types of jobs, the savings resulting from less waste and faster production time can outweigh the higher operational cost of using hot runner systems.

How hot runner systems reduce costs

One of the main benefits of hot runner systems is that they reduce the amount of waste because the hot runner mold system is a single unit. This means a lower tendency for materials to leak between the nozzles and manifold. Leaks not only wastes materials, but also rack additional cleaning and maintenance costs.

Additional benefits of hot runner mold systems

An additional important benefit of hot runner systems is that routine maintenance can be performed without removing hot runner systems from molding machines. Further, the hot runner mold systems are interchangeable, can be entirely exposed for a complete inspection, and operational plumbing can be serviced without disassembling the entire hot runner mold system.

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