Custom Plastic Molding

Precision injection molding is the process of making products from thermoplastic material using injection mold bases. The advent of precision injection molding revolutionized the manufacturing industry, making it faster and more affordable for companies to obtain custom prototypes and products by way or reusable injection mold bases.

Injection mold bases are generally created by the company that will complete your custom plastic molding products. When shopping around for a precision injection molding company, make sure that injection mold bases are included in the price and that you will be able to keep the injection mold bases after the custom plastic molding job is finished.

After designing a custom plastic molding prototype with a program such as CAD, injection mold bases are created which are then injected with molten plastic. Injection mold bases are made from metals in the inverse form of the end product design. There are more than 200 plastic resins that can be used in precision injection molding, each with unique qualities. Precision injection molding engineers can help you to define which plastics are right for your custom plastic molding job.

For low cost and disposable precision injection molding products, polystyrene is popular option. If your custom plastic molding design calls for a material that can withstand heat, chemically resistant heat resistant nylon may be the right choice. For containers, polypropylene is common material used in precision injection molding.

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